About Deep Waters

Deep Waters is absolutely a work in progress. This blog has transformed each year into what you read here today. When I began Deep Waters, it represented a personal journal for me. Entitled Sojourner of Truth, I shared the path of my life to readers -- my children, my adoptions, my ministry, my relocations. I've been an open book, and God has blessed my transparency indeed.

When 2012 rolled around, I felt the need to change my blog's name. Thus I christened this blog Deep Waters. I also began a series of short devotionals and bible studies, seeking to share the Word of God in a deeper way. Again, God blessed my labor of love.

Today Deep Waters represents yet another transformation. At times, I'm sure I will share devotional thoughts from the Word, but most weeks I will share my heart about those things taking place around me every day. As I watch the news, check Twitter trends and listen to those conversing around me, I find myself compelled to share my personal insights. I love examining current events and issues in light of God's Word and God's heart.

A decade or so ago, Christians everywhere posed the catchy question, "What would Jesus do?" In Deep Waters I consistently ask, "What does Jesus think?"

Christians don't follow a God that digs His head in the sand when events happen around the world. He is very much involved in the day-to-day activities of man. John Wesley, British evangelist and theologian, once said that he read the newspaper "to see how God was governing His world." I too watch the events around me and around the world to see what God is up to.

So join me here every week to dive into the waters of Deep Waters. Jump on in. The water is great. You won't want to miss it.