Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've got extremely exciting news! For the month of July I am linking arms (through cyberspace) with a group of girlfriends to blog for the entire month of July. We have each committed to blog every day of the month on our respective themes. My theme is "Purpose". So many things have led me to this theme for July -- but more about that throughout the month.

Please join me each day in July to hear what God is saying to and through me about Purpose. And join my blogger-sisters each day as well. You may not know them personally, but I'm sure their blogs will hold many treasures for you as well.

Here's a list of their respective July themes and blogsites:
Monique Zackery (our visionary) - 31 Days of Victory: www.moniquezackery.blogspot.com
Michelle Discavage - 31 Days of Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit: www.chelled.blogspot.com
Sheryl Griffin - 31 Days of Hope: www.sherylgriffin.blogspot.com
Jennifer Lain - 31 Days of Freedom: www.parentpassion.com
Beckah Shae - 31 Days of Love: www.beckahshae.com

I can't wait to share all that's on my heart. If I were a big potbelly stove (okay, don't imagine me quite that round), I'd be literally boiling over right now!

I'll be talking with you soon!

Purposed For Him,



  1. Hi Carla. Just read this intro. I will keep reading every daily blog for the month. What a neat idea! Be blessed-

  2. Thanks for reading Zarina! You be blessed as well!!!