Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Grateful

Okay, so if you're feeling anything like me, you're a little weary of all the talk of thankfulness. I was starting to feel that way too, quite honestly. But then God opens my eyes to some amazing thing, and I think "Hey, I'm still thankful!"

So in the aftermath of Thanksgiving, I just have to share one more thing I'm truly grateful for today. And actually it's pretty appropriate considering my husband and I are little behind on the holidays here. Case in point: if you drove around our cul-de-sac you'd notice our neighbors have packed away their scarecrows, pumpkins and wreaths full of fall leaves. The day after Thanksgiving (for one family, the day after Halloween!) these folks strung their white Christmas lights and hung their silver and gold wreaths.

That is, except us.

So I figure it makes sense for me to hang out in Thanksgiving here, since I'm still in the spirit anyway. Surely by my next blog post, I'll have thrown away my pumpkins and stored my harvest wreath. (Hey, let's hope for the best.)

Well anyway, this morning I am feeling grateful for something I often take for granted. I'm grateful for the Body of Christ. I'm grateful that wherever we go, whatever city we relocate to, God always brings beautiful Christian people into our lives.

This Thanksgiving my family hosted a family with four daughters. Our eight kids had an absolute ball together. We experienced non-stop action the whole holiday. I'm still tired. But we so enjoyed our friends, some of our oldest friends that we met way back in our Maryland days. It was such a blessed time, leaving me with a full and grateful heart.

And last night we hosted a young couple that my husband married a couple years ago in Franklin, Tennessee. These sweet friends are adopting a precious baby girl who currently lives in Little Rock, so God has sweetly orchestrated us being a small part of their adoption journey. Spending time with them here in our home and hearing their hearts full of anticipation over meeting their daughter was such a blessing. And it gave me an extra push to continue my labor in orphan care ministry.

So today, I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ around the corner, around the country and around the world. I'm thankful for you reading this blog. At times like this I get a glimpse of heaven, when we'll spend eternity together in complete unity and peace.

Until then, I'll enjoy the beautiful glimpses that God gives me here.

With a Grateful Heart,



  1. Nice photo, Carla! We're usually last in our neighborhood to put up the Christmas lights, but this year my husband got on it last week and had them up (not lit, though, until after Thanksgiving!)

    Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ--amazing how He provides for us!

  2. Cheryl, thanks for visiting me here. I enjoyed touring your website too. I look forward to following you as well. I'll enjoy visiting Hawaii through you. Blessings to you and your writing endeavors!