Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ray Lewis: Super Bowl XLVII

I've never claimed to predict the future, but I've got a good feeling about tomorrow.

I think my Baltimore Ravens are going to pull it off tomorrow. And I think Linebacker Ray Lewis will get MVP of Superbowl XLVII.

And even if he doesn't, he's MVP in my book. You know why? Because he's a man of God who loves donning t-shirts with bible references like Psalm 91.

And because of quotes like these:

"Listen to what people say you can't do, and then GO DO IT."

How many of us have heard people tell us what we can't do? Maybe they think we're too young or too old, or too short or too tall, or we belong to the wrong gender or race. Or maybe we're aspiring to do something we've never done before.

Maybe the voices that tell us what we can't do are in our own heads. Sometimes we're actually our own worst critic.

Whoever the critic may be, we've got to press on with whatever God's called us to do. We've got to hear His voice above all others.

"God is absolutely amazing."

I agree with Ray.

God is amazing no matter what comes our way. No matter what hardships we face. No matter who opposes or accuses us. No matter how often people try to remind us of our past.

He's even amazing if the Ravens don't win the Superbowl tomorrow.

But it'll be cool if they do...


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