Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing: Our Changing, Broken World

Some people eat good chocolate when they're stressed. Some run on the treadmill. Some take a long, warm bath.

Me? I blog.

As I sit here watching CNN coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, wiping tears, and wondering how someone could do something some cruel, so hateful, I wonder what crisis we will watch next.

And I wonder what kind of world our children will inherit.

A world where fearful third-grade teachers come to school packing.

A world where little children suffer post traumatic stress disorder after witnessing their classmates and teachers shot in school.

A world where we worry more about mass shootings and bombings than we do possible car accidents or home invasions.

Our world is broken.

Our world is darkening.

Our world needs hope.

Today, as the world changes before my very eyes, I'm finding hope in a Savior that never changes.

The Bible has this to say about Him:
Jesus Christ is the same today and yesterday and forever. *
I've decided not to put my faith in the government, in my country, in people.

I'm putting my trust in Him.

Let's pray for the victims of this senseless crime.

Let's pray for the family of the eight-year-old that died in the bombing today.

Let's put our trust in Him alone.


* Hebrews 13:8


  1. You seem like a wonderful, loving person with a great family that helps humanity and is full of love so PLEASE don't take this personally. Concerning the Boston bombing ......Jesus is a no show once again just as he is with every natural disaster , terrorist attack, and with the millions of starving and diseases riddled people throughout the world today. God is omniscient ( all knowing ) which means he knew this was going to happen, could have prevented it (omnipotent) but chose not to as usual. If I were god and created a terrible situation like the one in Boston I would at least have the dignity to show up personally and help the helpless and spare the injured from amputations and bleeding to death .....but that's just me. Jesus is suppose to be everywhere ( omniscient) all the time. Standing there next to a dying child after a pipe bomb goes off or next to a starving child with a distended belly and not helping is a sin for sure. He just watches these things happen and never intervenes at all . I find this very disturbing to say the least. I hope Jesus sees the error in his ways and starts to act like a being that cares instead of hiding in the corner like a coward and showing up as a image in the clouds or on a grilled cheese sandwich . Come on Jesus step up to the plate ....

    1. John S, I am so glad you stopped by Deep Waters and really appreciate your honest comment. I have often felt the way you do and often had the question: "If God is a loving God, why does He allow so much pain?" And you know what? I can't say I have an answer that could completely cover this complex issue. But I do believe that God has chosen to give us free will, so we can choose good or evil. Unfortunately, some of us choose evil, like the Boston Marathon bomber(s). So evil is a devastating part of our world, but I also believe that there is a heaven where no evil will or can exist. I choose to trust in a God that, quite honestly, I can't fully understand or explain. It's comparable to a tiny ant trying to understand human beings. But I do believe God is real, and I believe that even in the midst of horrible tragedy, He is good. I've enjoyed the dialogue, John, and you have challenged my thinking for sure. I hope for all the best for you and yours.