Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Oklahoma Tornado: What Can We Do?

I've had to make myself stop watching footage of the Oklahoma tornado, which tore through the town of Moore, Oklahoma like few have before.

My heart is aching for the people that have lost loved ones to this horrendous storm.

I am shocked by the devastation and images of Moore, Oklahoma, which looks like war-torn territory.

And I have inevitably asked myself, what can I do?

I. Give
Salvation Army and The American Red Cross are just two ways to give financially to the relief efforts in Oklahoma.  Maybe we could go without our Starbucks lattes for a month in order to donate to this effort. One news report even stated that The American Red Cross is accepting any volunteers that show up on site and will train them to immediately begin working with relief efforts.

II. Pray
The list of prayer requests is almost endless, but here's one we can begin praying through today:

  • Pray for emotional healing for those who have lost their parents, their children, their relatives, their friends
  • Pray for physical, mental and emotional healing for the injured
  • Pray for relief workers that will work tirelessly
  • Pray for community leaders and politicians that are assisting relief efforts, serving victims, handling media and encouraging community members to continue living
  • Pray for churches to come alongside the hurting and serve and love them well
III. Love
Continue to love others while we still have time. Today I read a moving Facebook post that went something like this:
"While ranting about my daughter 'borrowing' my shoes without asking me -- again, I saw a news report about the parents still searching for their children in Oklahoma. It really put things in perspective..."
Folks, we don't know when the next bomb or tornado or drunk driver could take someone we love away from us.

But this we know: We are here on earth to love God and love other people.

Let's do it while we've still got time.



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