Friday, October 8, 2010

You know you're in Arkansas when...

Okay, so I've been serious and deep up to this point. But today I'm feeling kinda silly. So come on and have some fun with me. And if you're in -- or from -- Arkansas, don't be offended. I'm just having a little fun getting acquainted to my new hometown! Trust me, there have been days here that I've had to laugh to keep from crying!

Now I must say, when I lived in Franklin, Tennessee I thought I was in a Southern town. And I was. But now that I'm in Arkansas I must say, I'm in a more Southern town. And I didn't think it possible! So, for whatever it's worth, here's my list of:


1. The status symbol of choice isn't a Mercedes or Jaguar, but a big ol' hefty pick-up truck.
2. People don't love Razorbacks paraphernalia, they live for it.
3. Mature and mentally stable adults wear pig snouts to football games.
4. Fried foods (meats, vegetables and fruits) are a delicacy.
5. People either adamantly oppose or adore Bill and Hillary Clinton.
6. Hunting season receives the honor of a national holiday.
7. People sport bumper stickers with pictures of ducks, proclaiming "If it flies, it dies!"
8. Plastic pink flamingos as lawn decorations are alive and well.
9. You can leave the presence of a perfect stranger knowing her name, where she lives and works, where her children go to school and her shoe size.
10. Your fellow Arkansans live five hours or less from several cool major cities, but never visit any of them.

But you also know you're in Arkansas when you meet some of the kindest, sincerest believers in Christ that you could ever meet! And I have already met quite a few of them!

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