Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bubba Watson: God Loves an Underdog

Bubba Watson with Mom Molly after Masters Win

When a long-time pro like Phil Mickelson hits a disastrous shot like the one on Sunday that landed him deep in the woods and another shot in the bunker, obviously something's gone awry.

And when the name of Tiger Woods, four-time wearer of the green Masters jacket, fails to grace the list of top scorers, one might question the alignment of the solar system.

And... when an underdog like Bubba Watson sneaks up and snatches that green jacket from veteran golfers from around the world, you know there's something amazing going on behind the scenes.

My thoughts? God loves an underdog.

Throughout history, people with lesser means, less training, less opportunities have often risen to the top of their game. Some call it raw talent. Some call it luck. Some call it providence.

In the case of Bubba Watson, I think God might be up to something. And here's why:

Bubba Proves That Anyone Can Dream

If you judged by resume alone, Bubba would have been a surefire loser in the Masters this year. The dude has never had a professional golf lesson. He claims to have Attention Deficit Disorder, yet plays a sport that requires the utmost concentration and focus. He was virtually unknown by anyone outside the golf world until Sunday.

Prior to this year's Masters, most would have stamped Bubba's golf profile "Least Likely to Succeed." Boy, did he prove "most" wrong.

Bubba Has Faith In God

Bubba's Twitter profile reads: "Christian. Husband. Daddy. Pro-Golfer. Owner of General Lee 1." The man's got his priorities straight. He's a Christian first, then a husband and father, then a pro-golfer, then the owner of a cool big-boy toy (General Lee 1 is the famous car from the television show "Dukes of Hazzard") -- in a day when many men would list their careers and material possessions first in life if they're truly honest.

Don't look for Bubba to shout about his faith in God, however. He seems to live a quiet faith, allowing his lifestyle to do the shouting for him. Admirable, I think.

Bubba with Wife Angie and son Caleb

Bubba Makes Being a Family Man Attractive

Lastly, Bubba's family life speaks volumes about his faith. He can hardly speak about his wife Angie without crying, as evidenced during his interview with CNN's Piers Morgan. And don't get him started on that little baby boy he and his wife recently adopted. The man obviously adores his family.

He also brings adoption to the forefront, in a day when there's a great need for parents for orphans in our country and world. He and Angie discussed adoption while dating, and jumped hurdles to see that dream realized. According to Bubba, "Four years ago we started that [adoption] process. We got turned down a couple times."

But they did not give up. And on March 22 they received a call from an adoption agency in South Florida with the news they'd been waiting for: they had been matched with a month-old baby boy, now their son Caleb.

And the rest is history.

And so is Bubba Watson's jaw-dropping win at the Masters on Easter Sunday 2012.


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